European Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Availability System
The Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The European Hydrogen Refuelling Station Availability System provides a free, reliable, safe and ready to use data service on hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe. This includes a real-time information system on the availability of hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe and a common data repository framework for static information, such as addresses and means of payment. All of this data can be shared through an open-source export API to any third party who requests access.


How to add a station?

Are you are a HRS owner and would like to add one or more of your stations to this system? Or do you know of a HRS that does not appear in our database? We would love for you to complete our repository and make your station known to all our data users. Here is how it works:

  1. Please email us and provide a list of the stations you own, as well as the name of the person who will be our interlocutor. You should reach out to us by emailing: ue.aporue.negordyh-naelc@sa-srh-e
  2. We will create an account on the E-HRS-AS portal for this person, so they can edit the static information related to your stations, broadcast events like maintenance and generate reports.
  3. The next step is receiving real-time availability data from your stations:
    • If you have your own functioning monitoring system, we will offer you a software option. We use an import API to receive data from your system, format it and deliver it to the Clean Hydrogen Partnership server. You can find the technical specifications of our API at this address.
    • If you do not have a monitoring system, we will provide you with a hardware option to add to your dispenser. It is a small transmitter that is physically installed in your station(s). It allows for a choice of several transmission options, whilst ensuring a unidirectional and encrypted transmission to the Clean Hydrogen Partnership server
  4. At the end of this process, you will be in possession of an account in the E-HRS-AS, and your station static and real-time information will be shared with the numerous users of our data. You can find supporting documents in the “Download” section.

On this page, you can download an illustrative overview of the E-HRS-AS concept, a guide to your user account and the transmitter manual.

E-HRS-AS Illustration [PDF, 2MB]
E-HRS-AS User Account Guide [PDF, 2.12MB]
E-HRS-AS Transmitter Box Instructions [PDF, 11.6MB]

You can also watch this video on the functionalities of an user account:


How to receive data?

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership makes the information it collects available to all for free through an export API. It can be used for any purpose, including commercial use, as long as the origin of the data is referenced (© Clean Hydrogen JU, 2022).

  1. To receive our data about the state of the hydrogen infrastructure in Europe, you should contact us at ue.aporue.negordyh-naelc@sa-srh-e
  2. There, you will receive a token that will allow you to tap into our database through our export API. You can make http requests to some URLs using any programming language and get structured data in return.
  3. You can also receive static HRS meta-data and real-time HRS availability data in JSON format, or static data through an excel spreadsheet.
  4. All the technical specificities are detailed on this website.

You can download the OpenAPI specifications to get our data here.